Routine Chiropody

Our treatments are all carried out on dry feet to ensure long lasting results.

We will take details of your medical history – please bring along details of any medication you take.

At your first consultation we will check the circulation and sensation in your feet. This is particularly important for diabetic patients, but we include this service for all new patients.

Your podiatrist will then address any specific problem areas – painful nails or feet and surgically remove any corns, and callus using sterile instruments. Your toenails will be cut, shaped and any thickened areas reduced.

Thickened or dry skin on the heels will be removed and finally the skin will be rehydrated using our favourite foot cream containing urea. We will give you advice on caring for your own feet in between treatments, and where possible help you prevent problems in the future. You will leave feeling like you are walking on air!

We are happy to arrange home visits, whether it be to your own home, a care home or a retirement village. Feel free to either phone us or use our contact form to get in touch!

“Excellent service! Always helpful and friendly, hopefully will be able to use again soon!”

“Been using Richard for some time now, never a problem. Feet done this morning, feeling great. Cheers Richard.”

“Would recommend Richard to anybody. My feet have never been better and less painful. A very nice man!”

“My husband was delighted with Richard. Sorted ingrowing toenail with no pain whatsoever will definitely book him again!”

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